Certificate Course in Psychometric Analysis 


Millions of psychometric tests are administered around the world everyday in Talent Acquisition and Talent Development but very few of those who are administering or interpreting them are qualified to do so, this opens a huge demand for a qualified professionals.

On successful completion of the course, candidates can demonstrate the knowledge and competencies needed to administer and interpret psychometric tests designed to measure human ability or personality.

The course adheres to the curriculum prescribed by the National Academy of Psychology (NAoP), India and European Federation of Psychologists Associations (EFPA) and accredited by the Indian Institute of Business Psychology (IIBP) for its quality standards. This is the only certification course in India that follows Internationally prescribed curriculum and helping participants to register into the National Register of Qualified Professionals.

The programme is designed specially for working professional and all the activities and modules have been designed in very practical and easy to understand manner.



  • Highly Practical
  • Students can decide which questionnaires tests are appropriate for which situations.
  • Students can start read understand and interpret various psychometric tools like Reasoning Tests Intelligence Tests Big 5EQ Tests Leadership Assessments.etc
  • Integrate tests into a corporate recruitment or review and development process
  • Give quality feedback to decision-makers clients hiring managers and candidates.
  • Write selection and development reports for hiring authorities.
  • Use personality questionnaire information to support structured interviewing
  • Write development reports to help candidates develop greater self-awareness.
  • Demonstrate professional best practices and compliance with employment legislation
  • Undergo Psychometric Tests on themselves and interpret.
  • Can register themselves with the National Register of Qualified Professionals.
  • Program is delivered by highly experienced professional.


Self-Paced Learning


Step by Step LearningNo Jumping of Chapters


Industry Experienced & Expert Faculty-Guidance.

Course Completion Certificates


In Chapter Quizzes

Case Studies

Chapter-end Assignments



  • Human Resources managers and department heads
  • Training Managers
  • Line Managers. Coaches
  • Career Counselors
  • Teachers
  • Psychologists
  • Recruitment Consultants
  • Students studying HR and Industrial and Organizational Psychology



Mr. Vijai Pandey

Vijai Pandey has 14 years of rich experience in designing, developing, administering various psychometric assessments,

He has created 50 + psychometric tests since 2004. Has worked in the area of psychometric test development, assessment center, development center, employee engagement, test validation and localization, developmental HR activities, training on psychometric test development and interpretation, employee surveys, leadership assessment using 360 degree tools. He has trained over 1000 people on Psychometric Testing across the Asia which includes Trainers, Coaches, HR Heads and Managers, Business Leaders etc.,

He consults fortune 1000 companies in India and abroad for their various Psychometric needs.

He has done his Masters in Psychology with Psychometric Tests as his specialization.,He has Level-2 Certification in Occupational Testing from British Psychologist Society (BPS) and IIBP Verified Assessor for Psychometric Testing Level-2.


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