Professional Trajectory of a True Professional in Current Indian Economy

Blog by: RASHEED MA 

Mr. Robert has got nearly twenty years of professional experience. He is a thorough professional at work with utmost value system.  He always served his employer in the interest of organization. He initiated and challenged many status-quos as a true business people leader. At the same time, he ensured that his decisions and actions added value to the organization as well as to the employees.

Robert joined a family owned/promoter driven Infra Consulting organization which has a head count of nearly two thousand plus.  After rendering services for about two years, he anticipated that the organization may not provide the required professional growth that matches his aspirations. He started looking out for opportunities and got an offer with a reputed organization.  He got a decent 30% hike on his current compensation.

Robert placed his resignation to the MD/Promoter. Even after a month’s time, he did not get any response from the MD on the acceptance of his resignation.  Subsequently, one day, the MD called Robert and said that his resignation is not acceptable & hence cannot be relieved from the services.

Robert was serious in taking-up the offer that came his way.  He approached the Director – HR of the new organization & sought one more month’s time. As requested, Director-HR of that organization has given time with a condition that no further extensions will be provided.  Subsequently, Robert pursued with the MD to relieve him from the services and failed to get his approval. Failing to convince, he approached the new organization and sought one more month of extension to join the new organization so that it also completes his notice period of three months with the existing organization. However, the prospective organization has not provided the second extension and cancelled the offer. 
Consequent to this, Robert has withdrawn his resignation from the current organization. However, after two months from the date of losing the offer, his MD/Promoter asked Robert to leave the organization quoting “lack of business led to downsizing” the organization. While he was taken aback by this decision of the MD, he had no alternative except to move out.
Later he met couple of Consultants for opportunities and could get  Interviews.  Somehow things didn’t work and even after an year’s time, Robert could not find an opportunity in spite of attending eight interviews. In all the interviews, he has been to the final round. He then re-collected all the interviews attended & the experiences thereof:
Questions : 

-Is the MD of  Infra Consulting Organizations is ethically correct to step back from his own words?

- Why the Director – HR of the prospective organization decided to not extend the time requested by Robert, is he right in his approach and in assessing the candidate’s future prospects?
- Robert’s value system of relieving from the organization in a good note has ruined his professional bright chances due to these circumstances, what is ideal step for him at that juncture?